Executive Orders 2011

The Local Chief Executive as Head of the local government unit of Kabacan    based on existing statutory powers   in accordance with  the Local Government Code of 1991 issued  the following  orders  for  CY 2011.

  • Reorganizing the Local Housing Board (LHB)
  • Reorganizing the Local School Board(LSB)
  • Reorganizing the Local Health Board(LHB)
  • Reconstituting the Municipal Nutrition Committee(MNC)
  • Reorganizing the Municipal Development Council(MDC)
  • Reactivating the Municipal Project Monitoring Committee(MPMC)
  • Reconstituting the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB)
  • Creating the Mun. Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC)
  • Reorganizing  the MDRRMC
  • Creating the Municipal Committee on Anti-Trafficking  and Violence Against Women and Children
  • Reconstituting the Municipal LGPMS Committee
  • Reorganizing the Municipal Tourism Council
  • Creating the Municipal Human Resource Development Program Planning (MHRDP) Team
  • Creating the Technical Working Group for the proposed management  and operations of the KTC
  • Creating the TWG for the inspection and inventory on government lots and housing projects of Kabacan
  • Reorganizing the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), BAC Secretariat, and TWG
  • Creating the Joint Business  Inspection  Team
  • Creating the Business Licensing Permit System (BPLS) Technical Working Group