Photo Courtesy of Keith BacongcoKabacan is primarily an agricultural municipality. Known as the Rice Granary of Cotabato provicnce, the agriculture sector of Kabacan has recorded a considerable growth in its primary area of concentration, i.e. rice production. The Offcie of the Municipal Agriculturuss posted 35, 056.58 metric tons of rice produced in 7, 431.8 hectares planted under irrigated, rainfed and upland areas for the year 2007. On the other hand, corn production was recorded with a total production of 3, 200 metric tons in 800 hectares. Banana Planters produced 423 metric tons in 49 hectares, coconut farmers with 2, 134 metric tons in 1, 399 hectares planted and 4, 800 metric tons in 232 hectares. Sugracane production was posted at 8, 976 metric tons in 182 hectares.

Promotion and development of high value commercial crops like coconut, rubber, oil palm, bananas in the municipality provide opportunities for its farmers. Kabacan has 1, 400 hectares suitable for fruit bearing trees.

Small scale industries boom in Kabacan to include electronics and repair shop, car/motor vehicle body buider/repair shop, vulcanizing and machine shop, shoe and appliance respair shops, hollow blocks. Culvert making, basket and mat weaving, dressmaking & tailoring, balut making, bakery, popcorn factory, feeds manufacturing, ice cream making, mascovado factory using traditional method and vinegar making. Moreober, as a business and trading center for the adjacent municipalities of Carmen, Datu montawal, Pikit and Matalam, about 1, 300 commercial establishments in Kabacan are engaged in general merchandizing, sari-sari and dry goods. Big shopping centers and drug stires are also located along the National Highway and USM Avenue. There are five banks and six gasoline stations as well as five hotels, lodging houses located along the National Highway. At present, Kabacan is working hard to vitalize its tourism industry packaging the wonderful and awesome caves in the northern part of the Municipality. There are said to be about more than 40 caves in the Municipality, and six of which are already open for spelunkers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Peace and Order

In terms of Peace and Order, the Municipality of Kabacan is one of the most peaceful municipalities in the Province of Cotabato since there were no noted major hostilities or armed conflicts in the past 5 years. Based on the records of PNP-Kabacan, there were a total of 30 crimes, particularly against women and children, reported in the municipality in 2009, of which 22 cases were solved (73.33%). In 2010, the incidence of crime increased to 43 against the same sectors of which 30 cases were solved (69.97%). Despite this, Kabacan remains peaceful in general, with the PNP and AFP, supported by force multipliers in the area, ready at all times to exercise their mandated task in addressing any problem that might affect the peace and order situation in the municipality.

Employment and Unemployment Rate

In 2009, an estimated of 95% of the working age (15 years old and above) were employed, of which, 75% was engaged in farming activities, 12% were engaged in business, 6% were employed in the government, 5% were employed in private institutions, and 2% were engaged in other endeavours.

Underemployment rate is evident but within the tolerable level since Kabacan have only 16-20% with a bench mark of not higher than 20%. Unemployment rate of 3-5% is relatively low compared that of the bench mark not higher than 7%.