Kabacan Caves

Photo courtesy of Keith Bacongco

Location of caves:

Brgy. Pisan
Distance from Municipal Hall: 10 kilometers

Brgy. Bangilan
Distance from Municipal Hall: 15 kilometers

Mode of Transportation:
Public vehicles (tricycle), Private vehicles

Accessibility of caves from Brgy. Hall:
By foot (1‐hour trekking/hiking)

Ilocano, Maguindanaoan, Tagalog, Ilonggo,
Cebuano, B’laan, Manobo

Cellular Phones (Smart, Sun & Globe)
Hand‐held Radio, Broadband Internet

What to bring: headlamps, flashlights, extra batteries, dry bag, zip lock plastic for camera, first aid kit,
bottled water, packed foods, extra clothing and footwear

What to wear: coverall or fit jeans/light jogging pants and sweat shirt with under shirt, gloves, knee
pads, elbow pads, rubber shoes or boots, and thick socks