2012 Investment Plan for Children

The assessment of the current situations of children in the Municipality of Kabacan using the four major indicators; Protection, Survival, Development and Participation is one of the significant steps towards achieving a “Child-Friendly” Municipality where future leaders will be developed and nurtured.

Certainly, this Municipal Investment Plan for Children of Kabacan is a clear manifestation of the true commitment of the Local Government to ensure that all programs and services are geared towards the protection and welfare of children.

This Plan is just one of the gains that Kabacan has achieved through a journey full of challenges and painful experiences. Social issues involving the children were encountered and became challenges for the Local Government to push harder to address and win over these battles. In the year 2008, the Municipal Child and Youth Welfare and Development Code was formulated and later became a Municipal Ordinance emplacing specific provisions to advance the interest of children. In the same year, mechanisms and systems were emplaced like the installation of a Municipal Child and Youth Coordinator specifically to implement the 5-year Child and Youth Plan. There are many good practices done by the Municipal Government of Kabacan in the implementation of the Code. Annually, Municipal Mayor delivers the State of the Children’s Report.

This Investment Plan for Children specifically, which addresses the needs and concerns of children, provides an overview of the current situations of the Children, its Vision and thrusts are carefully put into details and the challenge of working together with other stakeholders in the society to make all of these into a reality.

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