Natural Resources

Kabacan is generally known as one of the rice granary in Cotabato Province. The agricultural products of the municipality are rice, corn, oil palm, rubber, sugarcane, and banana. The total agricultural land of Kabacan is 13,092.94 hectares in which farming is the main source of livelihood because of its fertile lands.

The Office of the Municipal Agriculturist recorded a total of 69,686.67 metric tons of palay produced in 7,244.15 hectares planted under irrigated and non-irrigated for the year 2017, while corn was planted in 4,835.80 hectares with a total production of 22,099.61 metric tons. Banana planters have produced 1,213.97 metric tons in 328.10 hectares; coconuts farmers have produced 2,438.38 metric tons in 255.31 hectares, while rubber cropped 3,029 metric tons in 311.74 hectares. Sugarcane is planted in 165 hectares and produced 10,184 metric tons while oil palm produced 1,484.11 metric tons in a total area of 208.15.

Kabacan is following a two-cropping season, the dry and wet season. The dry season occurs during the months from November to April, while the wet cropping season occurs during the months from May to October, but in cases wherein the DA motivates farmers to have the third crop in support to the rice sufficiency plan, rice production has been done three times in a year.